2012 Margaret Mead Filmmakers Award

Miyarrka Media is excited to announce the inclusion of Manapanmirr, in Christmas Spirit, in the selection for the 2012 Margaret Mead Filmmakers Award.

Manapanmirr is a 61min feature documentary film adapted from the larger three channel installation work ‘Christmas Birrimbirr (Christmas Spirit). The documentary version was originally created to increase circulation and distribution of the story and the work of Miyarrka Media. So far the film has travelled to Film Festivals in Germany, Russia, and Norway.

Manapanmirr will also be screening at the Jean Rouch Film Festival in Paris on November 2nd. Join us there for a discussion with the Miyarrka crew.

Miyarrka Media would like to acknowledge the support of the Northern Territory Film Office for helping us get to Paris.